They say golf is like life, but don't believe them.
Golf is more complicated than that.

Gardner Dickinson

The platform caters for some of the key stakeholders in the golfing world

The Golfer

The 'better' a person is at a sport, or the quicker they get 'good' at a sport, the more they will enjoy the sport and the greater the likelihood they will play the sport more often.

This is directly linked to the ease with which coaching can be accessed. The miSport platform facilitates this while providing numerous other features and benefits.


Golf Clubs

Although golf participation numbers are on the increase, golf club membership numbers are not! Golf clubs are an integral part of the heritage of golf. For younger golfers in particular, they learn about respect, tradition and values through their interaction with fellow members.

The platform assists golf clubs by providing an additional revenue stream while adding value to their membership offering. It also facilitates easier communication between: golf club, club pro and its members.

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Golf Businesses

The ability for any business to generate a new and sustainable revenue stream is valuable. To do this while being able to offer your client base an added value service is compelling. In addition to this, the miSport global coaching network can help businesses market their services to a wider audience and increase their client base.


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Coaching Professionals

1-2-1 coaching is the preferred method of coaching. FACT. Where 1-2-1 coaching IS available, online coaching reinforces and compliments that coaching. But where it is NOT available, it supplements 1-2-1 coaching.

Many golfers around the world are unable to access 1-2-1 coaching. Access to good quality online coaching will assist golfers improve and enjoy their game. It is vital that coaching professionals are able to effectively and efficiently market their skills and coaching services around the world in the best interest of golf. The miSport coaching platform facilitates this.

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