A bad attitude is worse
than a bad swing.

Payne Stewart

Frequently Asked Question


How much will my personal online account cost me?

An online account will cost £5.99 per month. The 1st month is FREE.

How do I pay my monthly subscription fee?

All payments are made via PayPal linked to your online account. If you do not have a PayPal account you will need to create one.

How do I buy online coaching / swing reviews through my account?

All online purchases are done through the ‘Shopping Cart’ feature on your account which is linked to your PayPal account.

Is all coaching and swing review requests charged for?

The coaching professional decides on the price for his/her coaching / swing review service. He/she can make it available free of charge or at a price. The decision rests with him/her.

Coaching Professional

How much should I charge for my online coaching or my swing review services? Is there a minimum charge?

The price charged for each service is determined by the coaching professional. You can make your services free of charge if you wish.

Can I sell my online coaching or swing review services at a discounted rate to my existing clients?

Yes, when you publish coaching or your swing review services, you can charge your members / clients a discounted price to that which you charge the wider global network of golfers.

How much of the revenue for the sale of my online coaching do I keep?

The coaching professional receives 85% and the owner of the coaching platform through which the golfer created their account receives 10%. In instances where the coaching professional also owns the coaching platform, they will receive 95%. miSport retains a 5% administration fee.

How much do I keep for the swing review service provided?

The coaching professional retains 100% of any revenue generated from his/her swing revue services.

What are the various ways I can generate revenue through the miSport online coaching platform?

From the sale of your online coaching (minimum of 85%); from the sale of your swing review services (100%) and from selling advertising space on your pages (100%). Platform owners receive 50% of the golfers monthly subscription fee.

How are my coaching services marketed to a wider global network of golfers?

miSport actively markets the FREE coaching platform to all golf businesses around world whose members / clients will be able to create their online account. Through the ‘Search’, ‘Follow’ and ‘Notification’ functionality of their account, they will be able to access your coaching services.

Golf Businesses

How much should I charge members/clients for their online account?

The Recommended retail price is £5.99 per month. The 1st month is FREE.

How do my members/clients create their online account?

On taking a miSport platform, miSport will request basic information on all members/clients so as to create their account (username and password) for them. Thereafter their account details will be forwarded to them.

How will they access / log-in to their account?

A button can be created on your web site directing them to your white labelled online coaching platform landing page.

How will I be able to generate revenue through the miSport online training platform?

From the sale of the golfers online account (monthly subscription fee); from receiving 10% from the sale of any online content purchased by your members and from selling advertising space on your white labelled platform, retaining 100% thereof.