Golf is a game not just of manners
but of morals.

Art Spander

Golf Magazine

Through the miSport online coaching platform, Golf Magazines / Publishers will be able to generate a new and sustainable revenue stream:


Golfers / subscribers can purchase their online account through their subscription to the magazine.

Sale of Coaching

Receive a % from the sale of any online coaching purchased by your subscribers through their online account.


Sell advertising space on the platform, keeping 100% of all revenue generated.

As well as benefit from the following features:

Branded Portal

Subscribers will access their online account through the magazines branded portal.


The ‘Community Board’ function facilitates easy communication between: Magazine; Coaching Team and Subscribers.

Coaching Team

Promote your teams online coaching to all subscribers, accessible through their online account.

Global Audience

Through miSports network, your coaching teams content will be marketed to golfers globally, thus enabling them to reach a wider audience while attracting new subscribers.

Swing Review

Provide a swing analysis service.

Add Value

Add value to your subscriber offering with new features continually being added.

Where can a Publisher / Golf Magazine obtain a miSport coaching platform?

To request a miSport online coaching platform, contact us using the form below or send an email to