Don't play too much golf.
Two rounds a day are plenty

Harry Vardon

Global Coaching Pool

If your coaching professional or the club, driving range, academy etc you are aligned to does not have a miSport online coaching platform but you would like to improve your game by having easy, on the go access to the online coaching services of a network of local and international coaching professionals, you can create your personal online account through the miSport Global Coaching Pool.

Features & Benefits of having an online account


Access a wide range of quality, online coaching from a network of local and global coaching professionals.


No need to trawl the internet for coaching videos, access all coaching from the comfort of your own account.

Swing review

Upload and request swing reviews from a network of local and global coaching professionals.


Engage/communicate/follow coaching professionals.


Stay up to date with news and communication from the miSport Golf Community.


The more you use your account the more you will be supporting miSports associated coaching professionals.


New features are continually being added for you to use through your account.

Where can I get an online account from?

  • Click here to enter the miSport Global Coaching Pool online platform from where you will be able to request an account.